The Psychology Of Flight

The Psychology Of Flight

Back in Print after many years!

I’ve put this book back into print after so many years of absence because I firmly believe that The Psychology of Flight by Alex Varney can provide modern pilots – everyone from new students to seasoned professionals – what’s needed to continuously make themselves ready for whatever the piloting tasks ahead might be.  In essence, it’s nothing less than an exquisitely written ‘Checklist for the Self’.

While it’s important to study and understand the rules, the procedures and the particulars of each airplane you get into, it is even more important to have a good understanding of the inner workings of the flesh and blood person who will be pushing the levers, pressing the switches, turning the wheels and making the decisions that affect the course of these technological marvels that are airplanes. You.

This is not the sort of book that you should read only once, not just because there is so much inside it, but also because we need refresher training now and again in this most important of all aviation related subjects: basically, a pilot’s inner workings.

Keep this book on a convenient shelf to be pulled down periodically for recurrent proficiency in the area that is ultimately the most important of all: before we can control an airplane with the necessary skills and consistency, we also need to understand how to control ourselves. I think this book can help you accomplish that goal, because I know that it helped me.

Print Edition: $15.99Ebook Edition: $5.99