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Forced Landing:

Great fantasy if you have ever been there., January 19, 2011

By A Customer – This review is from: Forced Landing (Kindle Edition)

For those that have carried the 30 million in gold on a cargo flight many times the discussion always came up with the courier as to how to make off with the booty.
What airline pilot has not landed on runway 27 at PHL and not thought about touching down a bit early one of the old carriers docked near the end of the runway.
Block`s imagination and writing skill make this book a fun read.

December 27, 2012    By AJKruger “good news junkie” (Meyerton, South Africa) –

This review is from: Forced Landing (Kindle Edition)

If you have a love for stories about air dramas and bad guys then this book is not an option but it is a compulsary read. like John J Nance’s books, this is a thriller about flying, bad guys versus good guys, and the bad guys are really bad and the reader enjoys …. the end


Super book, June 21, 2013

By Bonny
Amazon Verified Purchase
I loved this book from the beginning to the end. It is full of suspense from cover to cover. I will read his books again.


This review is from: SKYFALL (Kindle Edition)


Thomas Block great author of books, January 20, 2013
ByBartmanThis review is from: SKYFALL (Kindle Edition)

I have never been unhappy with any book written by Thomas Block. He writes the kind of book you just can’t put down. Each of his books have something to do with an airplane but each story is so unique you don’t feel like your reading just another book about planes.

 November 9, 2012

 This review is from: SKYFALL (Kindle Edition)

This was a great book. One of those books that you want to read straight through. I guess, if they made a movie, the name could not be the same as the title.

Exciting Aviation Drama, December 6, 2012

By Glock4me “”When All Else Fails”” (Virginia)

This review is from: SKYFALL (Kindle Edition)

Great action novel that is a nail biter. Excellent insight into what goes on in the airline industry in America.

Good guys vs. bad in complex aviation thriller !
Gerald M. Bull “Jerry Bull” (Fairview, TN United States) –
Thomas Block had a huge hit with his best seller “Mayday” co-authored with his (more famous) friend Nelson DeMille. Block, an long-time pilot by profession, then cranked out five more books of varying success on his own. “Skyfall” is abut an attempted hijacking of a jumbo jet flying from the U.S. to Japan goes really bad: a lot of people are killed by an onboard explosion — but not everybody. A “nice guy” ex-pilot traveling with his wife and daughter, who happens to be the ex-flame of the first class flight attendant (for added sexual tension), winds up flying the disabled craft at low altitude. Trouble is, he has heart problems and the stresses are starting to render him helpless! Meanwhile, we readers get to enjoy the background of the disaster as the scenes alternate between the plane and the Chinese Embassy villains who are monitoring what is happening via computer link. Whether a second bomb on board will finish the job, and whether the bad guys will achieve a clever attempt to recoup their losses and twist the whole caper to a different political front, sustains suspense till right near the end.

Block is always most effective when writing about action in the cockpit and “Skyfall” is no exception. The intrigue created by what we learn as readers about the whole plot versus what the people on board are trying to figure out, plus belated efforts by airline HQ control room efforts to help, combine to create a first-rate thriller that entertains throughout. Following a poignant conclusion, a movie-style capsule summary of what happened to all the leading characters about a year after the incident was a neat way to tie up the whole story with ribbons. We commend this niche effort, but enjoyable novel, to your attention!

Open Skies:

The audiobook was amazing!  October 28, 2013

By Tink

Most of my “reading” is done by listening to Audiobooks and this is easily one of my favorites. I love that it was narrated by the author! He has a great voice and the story comes alive in his narration. I was very impressed with the sound quality. It was easy to hear and understand even when I was listening in my not so quiet diesel truck.
The story never stopped and I loved the twists and turns. There was never a dull moment. It was also funny! It made me smile and the author did a great job with all of the voices… my favorite being Izzy. And who doesn’t love a love story:)
I have read “Captain” but that will be the next audiobook I buy! I can’t wait to hear it read by the author!
Keep up the awesome work Tom!

Bartman – January 20, 2013 – This review is from: Open Skies (Kindle Edition)

What can I say. Another great book by Thomas Block. Once you read one you will want to read all his books.

good read, November 4, 2012

This review is from: Open Skies (Kindle Edition)

A well thought out book written by a man that has personal experences with aircraft and is well able put it down on paper.

Gil, DeLeon Springs, Florida, | Open Skies Audible Audio book

“Great “Who Dun It !!!””  Five Stars

The audio edition was excellent…Mr. Block does an exceptional job bringing the many characters to life. The listener starts to welcome the precise insights and perceptions of the main character that deal with both his personal life the case he is trying to solve. Block makes the main character real…

Allan, California, | Open Skies Audible Audio book

Five Stars

Mr. Block’s story telling excellence, is able to create, circumstance after circumstance that challenges the listeners minds to try and imagine what might be coming next. As each chapter unfolds, it acts as an appetizer, whetting the appetite to move forward to race to the next chapter.

I listened in the car on the way home from work. One night I arrived home, and I was fully engrossed in the excitement of the story. Then there came a knock on the driver’s side window. It was my wife who came to check on my health, as I been sitting there for approximately 15 minutes and just couldn’t tear myself away until the chapter break.

Like premier story tellers, Mr. Block is able to weave a story that at the end of a chapter, leaves you in anxious anticipation. Obviously his experience as an Airline Captain, adds credibility to the plot as it unfolds.Towards the latter part of the book, you find yourself wanting to move quickly to find out what is going to happen. On the other hand, as you sense the end is nearing, there is the recognition that you really don’t want to say goodbye to all the characters you now have come to know and appreciate.

Mark, St Louis, MO | Open Skies Audible Audio book

Five Stars

Thomas Block orates his new audiobook Open Skies with the gravitas of a senior airline captain. His protagonist Jack Sawyer is a former commercial aviator turned private investigator after his airline fails, and he sours to idea of starting the airline seniority system again from the bottom. When an insolent co-pilot turns up dead—squished between the industrial, hydraulic, lifting joists of a catering truck—the airline’s CEO calls upon Jack to explore the probability of foul play. The first clues arrive in the form of barely-missing bullets fired from an unknown, handgun-wielding adversary. Retired Captain Block salts his novel with airport, airline, and aircraft details using his skill as an experienced industry insider.


 September 18, 2011

This review is from: ORBIT. (Paperback)

The book was a very good read, and even though I had a little “hiccup” with getting the book, thanks to the postal service.

Airship Nine:

 Classic Sci-Fi With a Twist, December 27, 2010

Robert Gandt (Daytona Beach, FL USA) –
This review is from: Airship Nine (Kindle Edition)

In this updated version of his 1985 classic, Airship Nine, author Block reprises the Cold War specter of MAD–mutually assured destruction. As nuclear weapons transform the planet into a poisonous wasteland, American and Russian survivors confront each other in the last habitable place on earth–Antarctica.

This sprawling tale is a well-wrought mix of high-tech gee-whizzery, characters plunged into danger both physical and moral, and an old-fashioned adventure story with a surprise ending. Airship Nine is one of those books that holds up well over the years. Both versions–original and modern–are the work of a writer at the top of his game. Highly recommended.


 The premise of Thomas Block’s “Airship Nine” is hardly new (in fact, one might even quip that it’s been done to death). But, we all know the devil is in the details and Block has produced an eminently readable techno-thriller and a noteworthy, strong statement about the futility of war and the insanity of “mutually assured destruction” as a defense policy. Those readers familiar with his other novels, “Mayday”, “Forced Landing” and “Orbit” will enjoy the continuing theme of aviation technology. This time the focus is on Airship Nine, a futuristic commercial dirigible carrying both cargo and passengers over the Antarctic during the nuclear accident that turns the rest of the world into a post-apocalyptic wasteland.

When the hammer falls and nuclear fires devastate the earth, the only other survivors are the crew of the Soviet ship Primorye and the residents of the scientific camps located on the ground in the Antarctic. The story quite obviously rests with how the surviving Americans and Russians choose to perceive themselves – enemies to the death in a continuing World War or allies in a struggle for survival after a war that should never have happened in the first place.

Well done, Thomas Block! A high speed enjoyable read in an extremely interesting setting that allowed you to include social studies, geography, science, technology, action and a moral statement as well!


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