“Forced Landing” – by Thomas Block

“Forced Landing” – by Thomas Block

Learn the ‘Inside Story’ of a complex high-tech crime from years ago!  Taking place in a pre-9/11 world of the 80’s, a former US submarine is hijacked in the Gulf, a floating aircraft carrier museum is hijacked from its dock in South Carolina, a Learjet and then a DC-9 are hijacked from New York shortly thereafter. The story is a vintage-era caper that involves gold, hostages and a memorable cast of noble and exceptionally nasty characters.


    • Media Reviews:
  • Library Journal said: “A well-written and carefully researched piece of high-camp.”
  • Mystery News said: “The interplay of these characters builds to a shattering climax.”
  • Charleston Evening Post said: “This story thoroughly holds the reader in suspense.”
  • Pittsburgh Press said: “The man can write, and his supply of airplanes is inexhaustible.”
  • Publisher’s Weekly said: “The ending is a lulu.”
  • Listed for many weeks on the Bestseller lists in the United States, England, Australia, Germany and other countries – and broadcast as a 13 episode serial drama on Japanese National Radio!
  • The Buffalo News said: “A whiz-bang story!”

NARRATED BY THE AUTHOR, Forced Landing is now available as an audio book through Audible.com, Amazon and the iTunes Library!

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