Amazon & Audible Add Whispersync For Voice

Amazon & Audible Add Whispersync For Voice

Using the Amazon Kindle format for ebooks and the audio book editions, “Whispersync For Voice” is now available for the following Thomas Block Novels:

Captain – Open Skies

(More Thomas Block Titles will be available in the near future)

Automatically linking your Kindle ebook to your Audible audio book, you can switch back and forth seamlessly between the two – listen to the audio book version on your drive home, then curl up with your Kindle ebook at bedtime and pick up the story exactly where the audio book left it (and/or vice-versa)!

For the ultimate ‘immersion’ into the excitement of the story, listen to the audio book while you follow along in the Kindle ebook edition!

 Here is what Amazon says about Whispersync:

Introducing Whispersync for Voice

When you own the Whispersync for Voice-ready Kindle book and the Audible audiobook, you can switch between reading and listening without losing your place. Or you can read and listen at the same time on Kindle Fire HD.

  • Read with:
  • All Kindle E Ink Readers
  • All Kindle Tablets
  • All Kindle Reading Apps
  • Listen with:
  • Audible app for iPhone
  • Audible app for Android
  • Kindle Fire

…and never lose your place.

  • Read and Listen at the same time with:
  • Kindle Fire, Kindle Fire HD 7″, Kindle Fire HD 8.9″