Nelson DeMille talks about ‘Captain’ in his June newsletter.

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June 1, 2012

I’m very pleased to be able to report that my very close friend author Nelson DeMille (my co-author on ‘Mayday’ that was revised in 1997, reissued and eventually became the CBS Movie of the Week in October, 2005) has talked about my new novel ‘Captain’ in his June newsletter. Here is an excerpt from that post to all Nelson DeMille fans:

“………..Moving right along, my childhood friend, Thomas Block, has written a novel titled Captain. Tom, as you may know, was my co-author on Mayday, an airline disaster novel which is available in all formats, including a waterproof life raft edition.

Captain, too, is an airline disaster novel, and Tom, a former U.S. Airways captain, brings his thirty years of flying expertise into this edge-of-your-seat story of midair terror. Captain Block is also an accomplished writer and he blends both these skills into a flight to remember.

Even though we were classmates since kindergarten, Tom is twenty years older than me, and he brings that maturity to his writing. Also, Tom is my technical advisor on many of my novels and he’s also written articles for aviation journals, and penned a number of other novels on his own, so he understands this flying stuff, like lift, drag, thrust, and why airline food sucks.

Captain is now available online with great customer reviews.”


Now, to set the record straight, Nelson is actually CONSIDERABLY (like, almost 2 years) older than me, since I was just about the youngest in our graduating class and he was just about the oldest. Any maturity that I have came from the lessons I learned from my older friends like Nelson!

Thanks, Nels, for the kind words. We haven’t put out ‘Captain’ in a waterproof life raft edition as yet, so I suggest that you just get a copy to read at home with your feet high and dry.