FLYING Magazine’s Captain Les Abend reviews ‘Captain’

FLYING Magazine’s Captain Les Abend reviews ‘Captain’

When Thomas Block retired from airline flying in April, 2000, not too long after that he also retired from his position as Contributing Editor for FLYING Magazine (the world’s largest circulation aviation magazine), a position he held for over 20 years.  Replacing him was Captain Les Abend (American Airlines).  Captain Abend has now read ‘Captain’, and here are his comments:

Les Abend’s Review of “Captain.”

“Captain” utilizes Tom’s insightful airline experience to create a modern high altitude suspense thriller.  The plausibility of the situation is reinforced by the design of today’s sophisticated, computer-driven jetliners.  The surrounding plot is supported by a realistic post 9/11 atmosphere in the cockpit.

Tom has created characters that fit into the airline genre from pilots to flight attendants to ruthless airline managers.  The conflicts in their personal lives and attitudes add more fuel to the drama of a mach speed suspense story.

Climb aboard and join the crew as they struggle with a seemingly impossible airplane emergency.  Time and old fashioned airmanship are their most valuable assets.

As some of Tom Block’s fans may be aware, the former FLYING MAGAZINE contributing editor has written five other books.  His revised 1979 airline disaster novel, “Mayday,” was produced as a CBS movie of the week in 2005.  Tom has collaborated with best-selling author and lifelong friend, Nelson DeMille.

“Captain,” as well as Tom Block’s previous novels, can be found in both electronic and paper formats.  Visit:    Enjoy the ride!