Particular Reviews

It is so enormously heartening to get the sort of feedback that I’ve been getting these past few months.  While almost all the reviews of Captain have been quite positive (naturally, there have been those scattered few who have said this novel wasn’t what they were looking for; that’s to be expected and since I know up front that no one person can be all things to all people, I try not to get hung up on those minority opinions).   What gets a novelist’s full attention are those reviews where the reader has particularly noticed something that you were particularly trying to do when you created the fictional world that writer and reader will live in for the duration of their time with your work.

I’ve had a good number of folks write reviews and send comments that touched on the points and concepts that I was trying to get on the paper, and the most recent example of that sought-after connection comes from a Internet/media reviewer named Raquel Wall who writes “Baby Blast Blog”.  Since from the first minute that I sat down to work on Captain my object was to stick strictly with real pilots who did real things in a real way, I was so pleased to see what she had to say.  While this lady is not an airline pilot herself (although many of the other very favorable responses that I’ve gotten so far have come directly from airline pilots), she certainly did have the option of having a ‘consultant in the booth’ – as you’ll see in her review: