“Open Skies” – by Thomas Block

Open Skies - by Thomas Block

“Open Skies” – by Thomas Block

Jack Sawyer is an ex-airline pilot turned into a reluctant private investigator.  Recommended by his estranged wife Susan, he finds himself looking into the death of an airline copilot:  officially, the man’s death was an accident but there are suspicions that could hint at something else.  With his estranged wife and a growing caste of other friends and acquaintances in tow, Jack sets out to track down the real reasons behind the mystery and possible murder – a humorous, insightful and exciting adventure!



Media Reviewers have said:

  • “A chilling climax…Open Skies is his best!”
  • “Before we get to an unusual climax, there is action galore!”
  • “Tense, smart and especially appealing…” Liverpool Daily Post
  • “For the whodunnit fan looking for something different…good reading.”
  • “A super story, a chip off the old Block!”



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