‘Skyfall’ – An Airliner, A Bomb, A Mistake…

A Thriller that brims with Action/Adventure; filled with intrigue, cleverness and a poignant conclusion…


From Internationally Best Selling Novelist Thomas Block



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Skyfall - by Thomas Block

“Skyfall” – by Thomas Block



Join the Passengers and crew of Flight 42 as they head west across the vast Pacific Ocean and toward their individual and collective destinies.








Reader and Media Reviews:

  • “A nail-biting thriller of an aircraft hijack that goes wrong.”
  • “Authoritative…engrossing.”
  • “The conscientious attention to detail blends supremely with imagination.”
  • “A master of high-flying suspense!”
  • “The flying stuff is spot-on, hair-raising and compelling!”
  • “Cleverness…violence…realistic relationships and realistic dialogue…I was impressed.”
  • “An exciting novel…suspense to the end!”
  •  “A thriller that entertains throughout. Following a poignant conclusion, a movie-style capsule summary of what happened to all the leading characters about a year after the incident was a neat way to tie up the whole story with ribbons.”
  • “I have never been unhappy with any book written by Thomas Block. He writes the kind of book you just can’t put down. Each of his books have something to do with an airplane but each story is so unique.”